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Recent Projects

 Eagle Construction
Phone: 909-941-6725  Contact Name:  Bob Hoover, Chuck Neault Project Type:       Demolition, Site Clearing/Cleanup, Equipment Rental Project amount: $60,000           Completion Date:           11/2009
Dalke and Sons Construction, Inc.
Phone: 951-274-9880  Contact Name:   Troy Dalke
Project Type:     Demolition
Project amount: $250,000                     Completion Date:            05/2009
Utopia Development, Inc.
Phone:  323-582-5200  Contact Name:   Paul Tvedt
Project Type:           Demolition & Disposal, BCBG Stores
Project amount: $100,000                     Completion Date:           2007-11/2009
Burge Corporation
Phone: 949-492-1175  Contact Name:   Gary Haun
Project Type:        Demolition & Disposal
Project amount: $19,000              Completion Date:            11/2009

J Tucci Construction Corp
Phone: 718-225-5599  Contact Name: Project Type:        Demolition
Project Amount:  $115,000
Virgil Kelly
Completion Date:

Shawmut Design and Construction, Inc.
Phone:  718-225-5599  Contact Name:   Jan Kelly
Project Type:     Demolition, Concrete Work, Hermes South Coast Plaza
Project Amount:   $113,000                     Completion Date:           2/2009
Maxwell Builders
Phone: 303-762-1812  Contact Name:   Keith Ambury
Project Type:           JC Penney RemodeVAsbestos/Fiooring/PCB Ballasts, Mercury Switches & Selective Demolition
Project Amount:   $450,000         Completion Date:           2006-2008
Additional Projects upon request*


Health and Safety
Our company is dedicated to safe working environments and has developed a community concept. The job site is viewed as a community where a team approach is utilized.  All team members are able to contribute with proactive responses in solving safety and quality issues. We also encourage minority participation and mentoring of young people to explore career options in the industry.
We guarantee to provide you the most cost-effective solution on your project.  Full Scale Demolition, Inc. is committed to the client and creating long-term relationships.

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